Seminar on
Advanced Topics in Pattern Recognition
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. J. M. Buhmann
Time: Thu 17.15 - 19.00
Location: CAB G 57
Date Paper Student Supervision
Shao, 1993
Shota Saito Ekaterina Lomakina-Rumyantseva
Meinshausen and Buehlmann, 2010
Florian Schmidt Ludwig Busse
Rissanen, 1978
Julien Martel Morteza Haghir Chehreghani
Schmidhuber, 2002
Stephan Semmler Alberto-G. Busetto
Blum and Langford, 2003
Alexey Sizov Dr. David Balduzzi
McAllester, 2001
Victor Carbune Dr. David Balduzzi
Spanos, 2010
Matthias Hueser Dr. Brian McWilliams
Wallace and Dowe, 1999
Alkis Gkotovos Patrick Pletscher
Rathmanner and Hutter, 2011
Ruben Wolff and Victor Ungureanu Prof. Dr. Joachim Buhmann and Ludwig Busse

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